Creative Public Relations:

In some cases news stories are generated naturally by the day-to-day activity within the business and other times extra creativity is needed for added appeal. Either way, our clients can expect a regular news feed into the media, keeping their brand in the spotlight.

Image and Reputation:

Working with a PR professional opens you up to a whole range of contacts and along with our experience; writing skills, event management expertise and social media networks, your message is more likely to land in the hands of the right person. PR is about image and reputation and quite often new clients approach us with a similar issue - they have an excellent product or service, but not enough people know about it. It’s our job to spread the word about who you are, what you do and what you stand for, portraying the brand in the best possible light.

Social Media:

A strong social media presence is vital for EVERY business. We use it to support PR campaigns and also as a stand-alone service. It is about being sociable and demonstrating expertise rather than filling your feed with photos of food and dancing penguins.

Quite often business owners are too busy and/or just don't know what to say on social media. Divine Clark PR creates interesting campaigns to engage your audience, increase followers and promote your product or service.

Event Management:

Divine Clark PR organises a variety of events including conferences and seminars, music events, charity events, anniversary celebrations and general hospitality. This is all great fun for us and provides an excellent opportunity to display your product or service to a targeted audience. There are however, regulations and responsibilities which must be adhered to. We regularly work with local authority, a range of venues and sponsors to ensure that all events run smoothly, so our clients can relax and enjoy the day knowing that every consideration has been taken, and every box has been ticked during the planning stages.


Newsletters, mailer campaigns, promotional literature, websites, social media, events and branding. Divine Clark PR works with you or your marketing team to ensure that every word is in the right place. We have a team of excellent creatives to plan, design and advise you right from the start of a brand launch to delivery.


At Divine Clark PR, we have built up relationships with journalists who depend on PR agencies to provide good quality news content. Journalists receive an enormous amount of press releases by email everyday and cannot possibly read every one, but to receive an email or phone call from a reliable source, gives your story a better chance of making the news pages.

Brand Development:

What does your brand say about you and what emotions do you want your audience to experience? We work with you and your team to set goals and ensure the message reflects your image in the right way.

Website Content:

Sometimes writing the first word is the hardest, we can do all the hard work for you, do the research, compile the information and include the keywords, making sure you stand out from the competition.

Freelance Features:

Whatever your sector, we are able to create and write features to generate traffic to your website and to promote your brand. Our team has created viral ‘boomerang’ content that continues to bring huge quantities of unique readers to various international entertainment websites.


Divine Clark PR has written a number of successful award entries on behalf of our clients. Awards provide an excellent way to give your organisation credibility but also to gain media exposure.

Winning Bids:

Our team has been successful in helping a variety of businesses write successful bids/tenders valued from £50,000 to £800million.

We have various levels of service including:

  • Tender searches - scouting suitable opportunities on your behalf
  • Bid management - we can step in at any point
  • Bid training and coaching - mentoring for SMEs to enhance existing skills
  • If you have tried tender writing but don’t seem to be winning the bids you want, we can help you. With a carefully planned strategy, we prepare your business to be bid ready with training, streamlining your systems and processes and also considering your competition.