The value of PR

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The modern world is more competitive than ever. No matter what industry you work in, ensuring that your brand stands out from competitors and engages audiences is essential to success. This is why good PR is so vital for all businesses, big and small, as it manages and nurtures reputations, while also creating a company narrative that will emotionally engage customers and convince them that your services truly are better than your competitors.

It is essential to establish good communication with your stakeholders: simple branding and advertising just isn’t enough anymore. Modern consumers expect to be able to engage in dialogue with a brand’s ethos and story, and if your brand is unable to communicate effectively they will simply move on to a competitor.

Creating a story for your business and communicating that with your target audience is the most effective way to build trust – a PR agent’s speciality. With a knack for finding creative ways to emotionally engage consumers, it is the job of the PR to build relationships and deliver important messages.

While at first creating a brand narrative and building relationships with customers may seem like a wishy-washy concept, these things are proven to not only help sales and customer loyalty, but also increase a company’s ability to recover from a crisis as telling the good news stories puts credit in the bank which can be drawn on in the event of an incident!

As Steve Jobs once said, “Ad campaigns are necessary for competition; but good PR educates people.” If your products and services are better than your competitors you need to let them know in a way that doesn’t seem superficial, you need to have a voice that is genuine.

At Divine Clark PR, we can help you craft your brand’s voice to perfectly suit the messages that you want to convey. Whether it’s through social media, traditional media outlets, events and/or web content, we will work with you to develop your brand, with you and your team to ensure the message reflects your image in the right way.

The truth is, when used correctly, it is impossible to put a price on the value of PR because, when it comes to maximising a brand’s visibility and its relationship with consumers, it really is invaluable.