My Work Experience Week – Rebecca Stokes

My work experience week –  Rebecca Stokes  from Longcroft School and Sixth Form College

To start my week of work experience I found information about acts featuring at the East Riding Theatre and wrote a press release about ‘Eric & Little Ern’. This was something I had never really done before. It was a good way to see how articles/press releases were put together and to do it myself has given me tips about how to structure writing in the future.

In the afternoon, I accompanied Jess to a potential new client meeting and then helped write a proposal. I was also given the opportunity to visit the BBC building in Hull. There we were given a tour of the building and the BBC Look North studio.This was really interesting because there were so many different features of the programme, and jobs to do get the programme out.

On Tuesday I did some research into media contacts and linked to some via twitter  and invited them to a theatre production, ‘Shafted!’ Then I finished adding extra information about a client to a document about Charlie Bicknell. To finish the day I proof-read another article for Jess.

On Wednesday I was working on researching ‘Probe Homes’. They focus on the refurbishment and restoration of derelict buildings in the Hull.  My next task was to put together an article titled ‘My working day’ for the Hull Daily Mail. In the afternoon a client came into the office and I sat in on this meeting to take part in the experience.

It was an early start to Thursday, at 6:30am we went to a business network meeting. I liked how the meeting was set up because it helps a variety of business come together in order to support each other.  When the meeting finished we headed back to the office where I looked over a press release and tried to make changes to it, so it would be improved. Looking over other people’s press releases has shown me how other people write and gives me different styles to think about.  Therefore I can improve my own writing.

On Friday I did some research about The Federation of Master Builders to get information for a press release and to finish the day I sent messages to a variety of businesses, in order to invite them to an upcoming networking meeting.

Overall my week experience at Divine Clark PR will be something I will always remember. It was an important experience that was worth doing and has given me lots of guidance in what to expect in the future. I have really enjoyed meeting new people and working with them. What they do as a job has interested me. The tasks I have completed have been varied; it’s not like a school week as there isn’t a set job to do on a set day, which makes PR a fascinating career. At the end of the week I have come away with an understanding of a working week, especially in PR which might be something I could take up in years to come.