How does PR help your sales?

Attract attention

An article in a magazine or newspaper has a powerful way of attracting attention to you and your brand.

PR in general requires more effort than advertising but a good campaign to raise your profile can save you a fortune in advertising costs. Plus being in the news gives you credibility, to be written about by a journalist is much more effective in enhancing your brand.

Whether you’re a business to business or, business to consumer organisation, public relations can create massive awareness and get people talking about you.

Generate interest

With the rapid increase in the number of ads we face online and all around us, this never ending bombardment can cause us to ignore so many of the messages. But the media has a great way of attracting attention and generating interest within your target audience.

Good PRs sell news stories in to the media, journalists are always looking for the next great article, so this provides them with content and your business with coverage, it’s a match made in heaven!


When writing news, we always talk about what you have done, rather than what you can do. This can create a sense of wanting, by demonstrating how your product or service has helped others. We do this by compiling case studies and using endorsements, focussing on solving people’s problems and giving reasons why they should approach you to do the same.

The added benefit is that a person’s story can be followed, we can provide updates as a project moves along and journalists will usually be interested to report on it.


It is without doubt that PR generates interest and awareness for your organisation. As a PR company we can tell the world about your product or service, bringing people to your door, encouraging them to pick up the phone or make contact through social media. If someone reads about in you in a great article, then meets you at a networking event, this is your ideal opportunity to progress the relationship and make them your customer.


Your website is usually the first place a potential customer/client will look and what does it say about you? If your last news item was published in 2013 and you have images of employees who have left the business this can help to lose appeal.

Alternatively, if you publish press releases with new product launches, a break-through in technology, recent appointments to the team, awards, etc, this consistent approach can make you appear more dependable and can reassure your audience that you are the right provider.


Gaining media exposure is a fantastic way to get people talking, often getting you a foot in the door with your target audience.

A humble approach, without bragging about your achievements is a great way to help people warm to you, before they’ve even met you.

Google yourself

Speaking about your knowledge and experience can make you an expert in your field, but what happens when you Google yourself and your brand? Try it now to find out. Do the search results reflect you in the best possible light or are you hard to find? If so, start creating content through newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, blogs, websites, social media, newsletters and more.

Support your sales

Is your product or service the best it can be? PR can generate interest, create a desire and stimulate action but if it is flawed, PR cannot help your sales function.


An integrated approach works best. Tell the world what you’re up to on social media, use email marketing to enhance your message, attend exhibitions and events where your tribes hang out, keep your website up-to-date so it tells the same story and engage your employees to ensure they are on the bus with you.

By ticking all of these boxes, you are giving your sales team (or process sales process) leverage so that when they call, visit or contact your audience, they are already aware of you, understand the problems you can solve and may be more open to welcoming you into their world.