And now for the good news!

Webinar invitation.

If you’ve got some good news, we want to hear about it and so does everyone else.

Constant exposure to negative news can have a heavy impact on your mindset and during the pandemic we have all been subjected to a barrage of troubling headlines.

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, lighter nights and warmer weather approaches, it’s important to shout the good stuff.

Good reasons for positive PR stories:

  • Boost morale in your team and you community.
  • Engage your employees – by involving them in positive PR activity.
  • Team members will feel valued and appreciated?
  • Human interest – people want to know about people.
  • Celebrate – if you’ve reached milestone in business, you must be doing something right.
  • Overcoming adversity – if you’ve defied the odds during the pandemic, tell the world.

When: Thursday, 6th May at 10:00.

Where: Your place (Zoom)


About Divine Clark PR:

Divine Clark PR works with a variety of clients to maximise media exposure. We work with our contacts to turn your news into editorials.

The Divine Clark PR team has 35 years combined experience working with a variety of clients from the oil industry to authors and insurance to recovery from drugs and alcohol.

We work with journalists in traditional media and take a PR approach to managing social platforms on behalf of our clients… we are relied upon to find the right words to say.