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19th July 2018

Need some Divine Insight at your next event?

Your event is planned down to the nth degree – the guest list is full, everything is polished, the lighting is splendid, the decor outstanding, you’ve […]
21st May 2018

Jess Clark from Divine Clark PR is part of a small group of members from For Entrepreneurs Only (FEO), working together to prepare for another blockbuster […]
14th May 2018

Snickers won the Marathon but is Megan Markle here to stay?

We recently worked with a local charity which supports people with visual impairments, on their name change from HERIB to Sight Support Hull and East Yorkshire. […]
8th December 2017

How does PR help your sales?

Attract attention An article in a magazine or newspaper has a powerful way of attracting attention to you and your brand. PR in general requires more […]