Behind every successful business lies a team of remarkable individuals, but too often, they do not realise that this is the case. In fact, a survey taken last year revealed that a huge 69% of employees said they would work harder if they felt more appreciated, with 37% ranking recognition from their manager as the most important form of support at work. 
Along with boosting morale in the workplace, employee engagement presents several proven benefits: 
Increasing productivity 
Reducing absenteeism 
Improving customer experience 
It’s no secret that with a happy and motivated workforce, you can achieve great things. At Divine Clark PR, we engage and involve your employees with PR activity. From articles and press releases, to web content and winning awards – we offer a range of services that can showcase your workforce whilst simultaneously maximising media exposure. 
From a personal perspective, establishing a rapport with hard-working staff is one of the many privileges of my job, as their passion and enthusiasm for their work often becomes my motivation to deliver quality work for the client. 
Award-winning employees 
The Divine Clark PR team writes many successful award entries, recognising outstanding employees on behalf of clients. 
Recently, one of our clients contacted us hoping to nominate their Office Administrator (an all-round star) for a prestigious local award. Talking over the phone, it was immediately clear why the Directors wanted to nominate her – she had been a great asset to the team in the short time that she’d been with the company, but was too humble to realise it herself. 
Personally, this is what drives me to go the extra mile for our clients: giving hard-working individuals well-deserved recognition through our work. Regardless of the outcome, this nomination has already done wonders for this employee’s confidence – simply knowing you are a celebrated member of a team can have a lasting impact. 
It’s the small things that make a big difference 
With our larger clients, we tend to have a group of people that we regularly liaise with, which allows us to build a great rapport with their team members. 
In a recent phone call on behalf of a client, one employee explained that his division – which plays a large role in this particular business – felt their presence on the company website could benefit from a profile of its own. 
Hearing this and considering how particularly helpful this person had always been, I took it upon myself to see if I could do anything to further build their identity. We got the thumbs up on our plans: creating a new, separate page for their team, complete with monthly articles exclusively relevant to their work. 
I was immediately excited at the prospect of sharing this good news back to the client, who had always been especially enthusiastic. Sure enough, his team was thrilled to find out about the plans for the website and had plenty of ideas lined-up for us to work on. It just goes to show that the small things – in this case, web content and some articles – can make a big difference to the happiness levels of your staff. 
If you would like to discuss how PR can engage your employees, we’d love to hear from you. 
Call 07722 299461 or email and we will bring your employees to the forefront of your business through PR. 
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