To maximise media exposure with good news stories about our clients
To be a valuable member of our clients’ team
To be highly recommended by all we come into contact with


To achieve our mission we have developed a set of goals which we will work on as a team to deliver:

People: Divine Clark PR is a great place to work. Our employees feel fulfilled and valued
Portfolio: We provide a range of creative services that create brand awareness, promote client values and enhance reputation
Partners: nurturing an exciting network of loyal partners
Engagement: working with communities to improve lives, promote the wellbeing of businesses and individuals
Profit: Our wins are joint wins for clients and employees. Our clients’ businesses grow and so does Divine Clark PR
Productivity: Divine Clark PR is a highly effective PR company with an exciting range of clients who care about their customers, the communities they operate in, good causes and the environment


Our values are shared by our team and clients alike

Ethical: our service is valued by clients who care about communities and improving the lives of others
Leadership: promoting a bright future for all stakeholders
Passion: our team is known for creativity and enthusiasm
Diversity and equality: we admire those who dare to stand out from the crowd and respect groups and individuals who stand together
Quality: we give 100% effort and positivity to every client and partner we work with